Some resources I find useful for my own study and research, leave a comment on the home page or shoot me an email if any of the links are invalid anymore.

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Numerical linear algebra

  • Matrix Market, a good place to find test matrices for your research.
  • SuiteSparse Matrix Collection, formally known as The University of Florida Sparse Matrix Collection, a collection of sparse matrices. Most importantly, it has beautiful pictures for each matrices!
  • Structured Matrix Market, a collection of structured matrices.


  • XSEDE (Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment) along with PSC (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center) offers a series of high performance computing workshops, topics include OpenMP, MPI, OpenACC, etc. More information can be found at XSEDE’s course calendar.
  • LeetCode has a large collection of coding problems to prepare you for code interview in tech companies.
  • Check Detexify if you forget the Latex command for a math symbol.

Graduate study

  • An Abstract Algebra note I wrote to get myself familiar with Latex and prepare for the qualify exam, it includes all definitions, propositions, theorems and corollaries from Chapter 1–14 in Abstract Algebra, Third Edition by Dummit and Foote.
  • French Glossary for reading mathematical texts made by Kai-Wen Lan.